Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holding Hands

Life is not always easy. I just learned that my best friend Lillian is leaving....yes, you heard me right. She is leaving---just like that! Her family is moving out of town and not a few miles, either--all the way to California. It is has been a terrible blow for me. I mean, Lillian and I are best friends, almost like sisters only better I am told. We have a relationship that has taken years to cultivate. What will I do without her? I have had to put myself out of the way right now and think about her feelings. This weekend I went to her house to play. Grandmother road with my mom to take me. She sat in the back seat with me and we held hands. I picked up her hand and just held it all the way there. It felt so good. It gave me strength to keep on smiling and enjoying life even though I wanted to be sad. I will miss Lillian so much.

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