Saturday, August 15, 2009

Annye's First Day of School

Here it is my first day of school and Grandmother is nowhere around.  She says she is down in Florida.  "Trying to find herself," she says.  Now, what is that supposed to mean?  Grown-ups can be trying at times.  My mother is different, however.  She understands little girls.  For example, she lets me dress myself and it doesn't matter how many times a day I change.  Today was special so I want to share with my friends the choices I made.  Let's start with the hair.  I decided to wear a headband.  This may sound like a simple matter to you but trust me it was a fight to the finish.  I won.  That is all I need to say.  It goes without saying that pink is my favorite color.  I wore pink tights, carried a pink backpack and after painting Noah's gray Nike's pink, I wore them.  You must meet Noah.  He is one of my favorite cousins.  In fact, they say I used to be in love with him.  They even say I called him some ridiculous name like Whoa... the o being long... That is of course until I discovered how mean boys can be, especially if they like you.  They pretend they don't... go figure it.  Anyway, Grandmother said the name Noah in the Bible means Rest and that is the kind of rest she is looking for.  First, she is trying to find herself; now she is looking for Noah who is here and she is in Florida.  That simply makes no sense... not at all.  And, to top that off, tomorrow is his birthday party.  Let's see if she shows up for that event....

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