Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back Home

She's back home. I haven't seen her yet but I know she is here. Noah did miss her. Guess she will have to send him a note now. She was supposed to go with Mom to take me to school this morning but things got all out of whack and my hair did not even get dried. For some reason we had to take Bubby first. That's my brother. His real name is Joshua but I like to call him Bubby. We will talk more about him later. As for now, how can I march in that classroom looking like this! Here it is only my third day of school and these people don't really know me yet. Once they get to know me, they won't care how I look but, as you probably understand, in this world appearances seem to be too important. How ridiculous! My best friend Lillian is in that class and she is just glad to see me, no matter what. Hope this day turns out better than it has started. I will have to pray for my poor Bubby. He is in the seventh grade, going to a new school and playing football for the first time ever. I could better accept the football thing if he were like my cousin Hudson. Boy is he a chunk...good-looking..Wow!--but that's beside the point. He is tall, solid and fearless. Grandmother calls him her gentle giant. Bubby, on the other hand is tall and lean and does not like contact sport, they say. His Uncle Ricky and Hudson have been practicing with him to build up his confidence, they tell me. To be truthful with you, I believe my brother would just love to go back to his old school and never look at another football. The pressure adults put on kids these days....Well, here we are at my school--hair almost dry and who cares--I feel better just having prayed for Joshua. I am told that when you pray for others and get your mind off yourself, life takes on a different look. It has for me, anyway. I can hardly wait to see Lillian....

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